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Microsoft Office has proven to be an essential part of any company’s success stories. Your Chester business probably uses Microsoft Word to create documents, PowerPoint for presentations, and Outlook for emails at least once or twice a day, if not per hour.

Businesses prefer Microsoft because of their consistency and industry innovations. They are continually improving their products to make Office work for your team. Microsoft Office 365 is the latest cloud-based product offering that has helped businesses worldwide become more productive by utilising useful communication tools.

So, how can Microsoft Office 365 benefit your Chester business?

What Is Office 365 Chester?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription model that Microsoft first launched back in 2011. Microsoft has come a long way from its floppy disk origins. Today, virtually every office in the UK has Microsoft Office or a related application installed.

Traditional versions of Office include core applications like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Depending on the licensing subscription chosen, it can also include Publisher, Planner, SharePoint, Access, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Exchange. Office 365 has online and mobile-only versions too, known as Office Online.

The sheer versatility of Office 365 makes it ideal for your Chester business.

Why Should Your Chester Business Upgrade to Office 365?

Unlike installing Office the old-fashioned way, an Office 365 installation is convenient and comes with many benefits. It’s an online subscription with a range of licensing packages available, allowing you to tailor your subscription to what your Chester business needs to function optimally.

When choosing Microsoft Office 365 packages, businesses can either purchase annual access to the suite of products or sign up for a monthly subscription fee. The subscription tiers are priced differently, allowing your business to choose the most appropriate applications for its needs.

Another benefit of Office 365’s subscription-based model is the frequent updates included in the plan. When you purchased a traditional one-time copy in the past, you used to have to wait months, if not a year for updates and upgrades.

Today, with an Office 365 subscription, your Chester business can stay updated with the latest versions and features since Microsoft continually rolls out frequent updates from their end.

The wide range of applications, such as email hosting, cloud storage space, and file sharing, makes Office 365 essential for all businesses working remotely. Your remote teams can access shared files whenever they need to, from any device, even the ones in their homes. Employees can even videoconference using Microsoft Teams without having to register for a new subscription.

In other words, Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based features make shifting from home to office simple.

What is Involved in Upgrading to Microsoft Office 365?

Upgrading your non-subscription version of Office to Office 365 can be done quickly with an experienced team by your side.

First, you’ll need to purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription. Remember to choose a subscription plan that is most appropriate for your business’ daily needs. An experienced Microsoft-certified professional from Corp Networking can help you choose the right plan for your business.

Once you’ve successfully purchased a subscription, Office 365 must be downloaded and installed on your business devices. To do so successfully, you’ll have to migrate all existing company information like email accounts, shared files, media content and preferences. If done incorrectly, you run the risk of losing all that data permanently.

Microsoft migration and integration errors can cost your Chester business thousands of pounds. If you want to prevent this outcome and simplify the process, it’s best to contact a migration and integration expert such as Corp Networking. Our experienced team can avoid costly mistakes, provide peace of mind and get your Office 365 working in no time.

Why Choose Corp Networking for Your Office 365 Upgrade?

Upgrading to Office 365 comes with many benefits for your Chester business, but it also comes with a risk of business interruption. At Corp Networking, we understand just how precious time is to your business. Our experienced team of Microsoft-Certified professionals can make your upgrade to Office 365 a hassle-free experience.

We have been the preferred IT Support provider to businesses in Chester, Liverpool, and the wider North West region for over 16 years. Our comprehensive services include everything from IT support to network installation, and everything in between.

So, whether you’re setting up your team’s remote working facilities or need to upgrade an outdated version of Office, we can help. Contact us today to design a unique IT solution for your Chester business.

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