Q – How quickly can Corp Networking start to support us?

We look to on-board our customers as soon as we can, normally after we receive the basic information we require, support is implemented within 24 to 48 hours.

Q – We’re not based near you – will you still be capable of supporting us?

Absolutely, we have clients based across the whole of the UK and even a few based in Europe too.

Q – Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes no problem, we support numerous clients mainly in manufacturing and hospitality where 24/7 support is absolutely essential.

Q – We have existing suppliers for our software, broadband etc. Will you work with them?

Yes. we will, by working directly with your supplier’s problems are fixed more promptly, it also avoids the headache of the two parties involved insisting it’s the others problem! it is important to understand that lots of our competitors do not work with 3rd party suppliers!

Q – Where are you based?

We’re based on the Wirral near Liverpool, we have ambitious expansion plans to expand and open an office within the M25 area to grow our London based client list.

Q – Can you support remote workers?

Absolutely yes, Some of our own staff work remotely part of the week, this means we understand the importance of covering your remote users. We do not only offer remote support for these users but we can also offer on-site support too!

Q – Do you support all of our IT equipment?

If it’s connected to your network then it is supported, Corp networking make a full inventory of all devices covered by your support agreement we then add them to our custom monitoring system which will notify us of any problem (hopefully before you notice!)