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Fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration for Windows desktops and laptops. Avoid system and data loss with ShadowProtect Desktop.

Ensuring you can get desktops and laptops online quickly after a disaster is a critical priority for today’s businesses, large and small. Utilise StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop to protect everything on your desktops and laptops: operating systems, applications like Microsoft Office, configuration and personal settings, and data.


Best-in-class backup that captures full, differential, and incremental backup images of your entire system. This includes the operating system, applications, services, configuration settings, and data. Schedule full and incremental backups for automatic protection of everything on your Windows desktops and laptops.


ShadowProtect provides rapid recovery a number of ways: full bare metal recovery through a bootable recovery CD; recover to similar hardware; or recover to dissimilar or virtual environments with Hardware Independent Restore (HIR).

File and Folder Recovery

Quickly browse tospecific files and folders in your backup images to perform granular recovery of your data.

Image Ready

Automatically mount Shadow-Protect backup image files for anytime access to files and folders or scripted validation of data and applications on your backup images.

Virtual Boot

Right-click any Shadow Protect Desktop backup image and automatically boot it as a virtual machine—in just a couple of minutes.

Virtual Converter

Convert any Shadow-Protect Desktop backup image into a .VHD or .VMDK file.

We provide data backup & disaster recovery in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and North Wales.


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